Guided by a commitment to crafting outdoor spaces that are both naturally diverse and functional for human enjoyment. Ashley Hagan Binder founded Hagan Binder Design in 2012, offering professional landscape architecture services across the Southeast United States, with two offices - one in Highlands, North Carolina, and Our Garden Showcase & Design Studio in Gadsden County, North Florida. A. Hagan Binder holds a Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Texas at Austin. She is a member of the American Society of Landscape Architects, a LEED Accredited Professional, a registered ISA Arborist, and a Licensed Landscape Architect in Louisiana, Florida, Oklahoma, and North Carolina. In 2024 she obtained her FAA UAS (Drone) Pilot License, allowing her to provide Aerial Imagery services to her clients. Ashley studied the 'Tropical Modern' design aesthetic under the mentorship of Raymond Jungles, who was inspired by the renowned Brazilian Landscape Architect, Roberto Burle Marx. In North Carolina, she studied with mentor Mary Palmer Dargan of Dargan Landscape Architects, famous for bringing the English Country garden style to the mountains of North Carolina. Ashley's upcoming book, "Wild Landscapes" is set to be released in 2026.

The Process

The Initial Site Consultation. Imagine this as a meeting of minds, where ideas are born, and visions take shape. It is the genesis of a relationship between the landscape architect and the land, a dialogue that uncovers the potential of the space and the dreams of those who will enjoy it. A. Hagan Binder will meet the owners on-site (or remote conference if preferred). Hagan Binder will provide a scaled site plan for discussion purposes and taking notes. There are two options for the Initial Consult, a 2 or 3.5 hours. The 3.5 hours may be most appropriate for owners who need guidance and direction, or large and complex sites, and the 1.5 is most appropriate for smaller sites and owners with a specific scope in mind. From the initial consult, and depending on the project scope and needs, the owner can jump directly into the Build Phase, partnering with their own landscape contractors, or HBD will be happy to introduce clients to our partner Landscape Contractors. Projects needing more refinement and tweaking may enter into the Concept Development phase. (The Site Consultation is typically the First Meeting on Site). We work quickly! The owner will need to provide us with the parcel address or Property PIN number, the County the property is located within, a survey (if available), and any floorplans or architectural drawings. For New Construction, we would love to know your timeline to build and any site photos you have available. One we receive the owner’s info, we can proceed very quickly and schedule a meeting at the owner’s convenience on-site. As an add-on service, Ashley is an FAA Drone Certified Pilot. HBD can fly the drone to obtain aerial images of your site, often making quick work of the site inventory phase, and especially useful for projects under construction or for which no survey is available. Please check the box for “Aerial Imagery” when selecting your Initial Consult upon checkout.
Concept Development, where initial ideas are nurtured and refined. This phase is a crucible of creativity, where Hagan Binder Design takes the raw, unformed visions from the Initial Consultation and crafts them into a coherent, captivating design. A. Hagan Binder starts with a scaled aerial or survey, and maps out existing site features. These are shown on the Concept Plan, and from there, dreams evolve into Beautiful Concepts! The conclusion of the Concept phase is typically an in-person meeting on site to discuss an illustrated plans, with supporting graphics and plant material to explain the vision. (The conclusion of the Concept Development Phase is typically the 2nd Meeting On Site).
The Design Development Phase is a refinement of the concepts proposed and discussed in Concept Development. More specifics are added, drawings are updated, and consensus is gained. Sometimes projects may proceed swiftly from Concept to Construction Development and skip this phase. The Design Development Meeting is typically the 3rd Meeting on Site with Deliverables.
Throughout the Concept and Design Development Phase, Hagan Binder Design is working to refine the Planting Palette and Hardscape Material Selections. HBD typically provides a customized Illustrative 11x17 booklet showing prior project examples, color palettes, plant material, material samples. The booklet is intended to aid discussion and facilitate conversations with the owner (and other project designers) to gauge interest and to make sure the exterior palettes are jiving with the interior and the owners' preferences. Picking the right plants and materials is not just about aesthetics. It's a delicate balancing act of climate, soil, and sustainability. We work to refine the Plant and Hardscape Palette to make it uniquely suitable for your Landscape! Native plants and restorative Landscapes are built into all of our designs. Whenever possible, HBD utilizes local and native plant material.
The Construction Documentation phase. "CDs" serve as the road map for the landscape transformation. They detail every aspect of the design, from the placement of each plant to the construction of every structure. The CDs are an important piece of the puzzle, allowing the contractor to accurately bid the project, and allowing the owner protections by having a set of documents that all can agree upon, or as a point of discussion. Think of these as tools that help you fast track and streamline the construction process. The more accurate and biddable the CDs are, the faster, swifter and more economical the project will become. Hagan Binder Design works in tandem with our local contractor partners to make the process go as smoothly as possible for the owner. HBD has found that having a partnering relationship with the landscape contractor achieves the best results.
The fun part! Things are underway. HBD offers services to suit your needs to ensure that your project, trees and gardens are delivered as expeditiously as possible. We act as the owner’s rep to make sure that corners are not being cut and that all HOA and Local Regulations are followed. This phase is all about ensuring that the design is executed to perfection, that every element aligns with the vision and that the landscape truly comes to life. We work to help source nursery material as needed, and consider construction staging and phasing. It is during this phase that some landscape material may begin to be installed, and the hardscape elements are shaping up! Exciting times!
ISA Certified Arborist
Licensed Landscape Architect
Native Plants That Heal The Earth
Patent Pending Garden Tools
FAA Certified Remote Pilot (Drone Imagery)
“You have a beautiful style, and we appreciate the thoughtfulness of your design and your attention to detail.”
“It is a pleasure working with you, we are looking forward to the next steps.”
"You have done the most AMAZING job!!! Thank you for all of the love, time, and thought you have created with."


Do more. With less effort. In style.
In 2023, Hagan Binder Design expanded to offer custom, luxury garden tools. The first, patent pending tool, The Nursery Bucket Movers, are designed as a labor saver that make carrying nursery containers easier. Designed with husband-and-wife team, Ashley Hagan Binder & Lawrence Binder, the Movers are designed for landscape architects, gardeners and nursery works to move plants easier, to allow for heavier weight to be lifted with less strain on the fingers, and to allow multiple plants to be carried at once. The Bucket Movers are more ergonomic than lifting by hand! We recommend two per person - one in each hand allows for carrying up to four plants at once!


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